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Safety Alerts and Lessons Learned

ETA Safety Alerts are made available as a quick source of information on a specific safety or environmental topic that may be of interest. Safety Alerts are organized by category. There is also a search function. If you can't find what you need, please contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz X8137.

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Electrical Safety

This procedure establishes standard work practices for identifying, marking, and managing defective equipment within ETA work areas. The use of this procedure will prevent unauthorized use of equipment that is defective and could cause injury. View the procedure for taking defective equipment out of service.

Hazardous Materials & Waste

Ensure your hazardous waste labels are properly identified. Avoid issues getting your waste containers picked up: Hazardous Waste Label Safety Alert

Hazardous Materials & Waste

Ensure that all sample containers are clearly identified for contents. Each sample container should at a minimum identify the chemical contents. Learn more about proper disposal of unwanted chemical samples.

Hazardous Materials & Waste

Certain empty chemical containers that previously held hazardous materials are exempt from hazardous waste regulations and can be disposed of in the regular trash. Read about this exemption and when to empty chemical containers can be placed into the regular trash.

Hazardous Materials & Waste

Designated disposal boxes are commonly used in lab areas for collection of broken and damaged glassware. Broken glass can present a serious cut hazard, so it must be collected in a secure manner to prevent contact. In addition, the broken glass must be free of chemical, radiological, and biological hazards. Learn more about how to properly dispose of broken glass.

1 Minute 4 Safety

Check out the “1 Minute 4 Safety” slide library designed to assist Berkeley Lab employees in conducting discussions on the environment, safety, and health topics

Lessons Learned and Best Practices Library

Search and contribute to Berkeley Lab's lessons learned library