Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

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All ETA-related electrical safety questions should be directed to the ETA Electrical Safety Officer (ESO), Howdy Goudey at (510) 486-5989 or cwgoudey@lbl.gov.

Check out Berkeley Lab's Electrical Safety Website for more information regarding electrical safety requirements at LBL: electricalsafety.lbl.gov

The Electrical Equipment Safety Program (EESP) is a key part of electrical safety at Berkeley Lab. All equipment must be approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL). Further information regarding equipment electrical safety requirements can be found at: Electrical Equipment Safety Program. To request an equipment inspection, Contact Ohmar Sowle (Primary EESP Inspector) (510) 220-2934.

Only Qualified Electrical Workers (QEW) can perform electrical work. In the event that you need the assistance of a QEW to repair or modify electrical equipment, submit a request by going to: QEW Support Request

Refer to the ETA Electrical Safety Resources Desk Guide for a summary of all the resources available for assistance with any electrical safety questions or needs. 

Important Electrical Safety Resources

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