Safety Alerts

Safety Alerts and Lessons Learned

ETA Safety Alerts are made available as a quick source of information on a specific safety or environmental topic that may be of interest. Safety Alerts are organized by category. There is also a search function. If you can't find what you need, please contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz X8137.

Hazardous Materials & Waste

Ensure all gas cylinders have a RFID tag associated with them. This Safety Alert describes two ways to maintain RFID tags for commonly used gas cylinders that are changed out frequently: Static RFID Tags for Commonly Used Gas Cylinders


General Safety

ETA requires that a self inspection is performed in lab areas at least every 90 days. Here's how to access the self-inspection checklist form along with some best practices: Quarterly Lab Area Self-Inspections

General Safety

Safety Alert detailing the content available on the ETA Safety website: ETA Safety Website Safety Alert

1 Minute 4 Safety

Check out the “1 Minute 4 Safety” slide library designed to assist Berkeley Lab employees in conducting discussions on the environment, safety, and health topics

Lessons Learned and Best Practices Library

Search and contribute to Berkeley Lab's lessons learned library