Hazardous Materials & Waste


Multiple Hazardous Waste Containers >60ml

During quarterly Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) inspections, we occasionally find multiple containers combined into a larger outer container (baggie) with a single hazardous waste label affixed. If you have multiple containers of the same waste stream, each of a 60 ml size or greater, they each must be packaged and labeled separately. Smaller containers of the same waste stream (<60 mL) can be grouped together in a larger outer container and labeled as a unit. 

Click here to open the Safety Alert:   Multiple Hazardous Waste Containers Safety Alert


Clearly Identify Your Gas and Water Piping

Research in our lab areas involves the use of various gas and water lines. It is important that these are clearly identified to ensure the correct gas is connected to the correct equipment. In addition, clear identification of both gas and water lines are crucial in the event that emergency responders such as the fire department need to enter a lab area. Learn more about how to identify gas lines. 

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