Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

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All ETA-related electrical safety questions should be directed to the ETA Electrical Safety Officer (ESO), Howdy Goudey at (510) 486-5989 or cwgoudey@lbl.gov.

Check out Berkeley Lab's Electrical Safety Website for more information regarding electrical safety requirements at LBL: electricalsafety.lbl.gov

The Electrical Equipment Safety Program (EESP) is a key part of electrical safety at Berkeley Lab. All equipment must be approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL). Further information regarding equipment electrical safety requirements can be found at: Electrical Equipment Safety Program. To request an equipment inspection, Contact Ohmar Sowle (Primary EESP Inspector) x4520.

Only Qualified Electrical Workers (QEW) can perform electrical work. In the event that you need the assistance of a QEW to repair or modify electrical equipment, submit a request by going to: QEW Support Request

Refer to the ETA Electrical Safety Resources Desk Guide for a summary of all the resources available for assistance with any electrical safety questions or needs. 

Important Electrical Safety Resources

ETA Electrical Safety Contacts
ETA Safety Manager
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