General Safety


Safety Glasses

Safety glasses with side shields are required in all ETA lab areas and machine shops. Click here to get more details on safety glasses requirements: Safety Glasses Alert



Subcontractor SJHA Process

Subcontractors who perform "hands-on" work in ETA work areas must have an approved Subcontractor Job Hazard Analysis (sJHA) on file. The sJHA is a work authorization document that identifies the Scope of Work, Hazards, and Controls that a subcontractor must follow. Read about the SJHA process.


Water Hose Connections

Some lab areas have equipment that is connected to the building water systems. This water is under pressure and flows continuously. In the past, there have been serious water leaks when a water hose connection has come loose or the hoses have failed. Water leaks can cause damage through the building, may disrupt laboratory access, and can result in significant clean-up costs. Learn how to prevent water leaks from occurring.

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