Sample Label Maker

March 2020

Proper identification sample and secondary containers is important for the safety of lab personnel. Samples that are not properly identified could be improperly handled or mixed. Samples must also be clearly identified so that they can be properly disposed.

The LBNL “Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan” identifies requirements for labeling containers of hazardous materials in laboratories: - _Work_Process_Y.

An easy to use sample label maker has been identified that should be considered for use in each lab area. It is small, light, and portable. It needs to be connected to a lap top to run.

1. Dymo LabelWriter 450. Available on e-Buy from Staples (Part #1748592) for around $100. 

2. A variety of label sizes, colors, and types can be purchased. These can come in rolls of 1,000 labels.

3. The label maker software includes hazard icons such as “toxic”, “corrosive”, and “flammable” for customization of labels. 

4. “Cryo-Tags” made by Diversified Biotech that are more resistant to chemicals and low temperature conditions are also available on e-Buy through VWR. These can be used with the Dymo 450 printer.

Photos are included below. If you have any questions regarding management of samples in your work area, please contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz at X8137.