PSD0135 "Emergency Management General Awareness" Training

January 2017

PSD 0135 Emergency Management General Awareness Training is now available. This training provides information on the potential hazards for the Lab and expected actions for Lab employees. This also provides guidance for emergency reporting.

Here is the plan going forward:
1) Berkeley Lab Training (BLT) will release this training as "Recommended" for four weeks. This four week period is designed to allow you ample time to complete the training before it becomes "Required". If you have not taken it within the recommended period it will show as deficient on your BLT training profile. If it is deficient BLT will automatically send an email notification to you and your supervisor (as is customary with all out of compliance trainings).

2) In two weeks from the date of this email, BLT will send a brief follow up email to remind staff who have not yet completed PSD 0135 that the training will be adjusted to a requirement as of February 14th, 2017.

The purpose of this plan is to give you enough time to complete the training before it is a requirement.

Information about this requirement:
This online training course serves to familiarize Lab personnel with the hazards that exist at the Lab and the corresponding protective actions. This training also provides information on how to report an emergency, as well as guidance for home preparedness should the user select the optional links.

Go here to access the training:

For questions about this training requirement, please contact Protective Services Emergency Management at

For support with this training please contact Berkeley Lab Training at