Process Gas Line Labeling

October 2019

LBNL is in the process of implementing new requirements for the proper identification of process gas lines in the lab areas. Each process gas line must be clearly identified for the type of gas, direction of flow, and color coded for hazard. We have 1 year to label our lines before the requirement goes into effect, and EHS Division is available to provide you with support.

The following links include access to important information in order to assist you in implementing these requirements:

The requirements for gas line labeling can be viewed in Chapter 13 of the ES&H Manual: 
PUB-3000 Chapter 13 Label Requirements.   NOTE: These requirements do not apply to plumbing that is part of building construction.

If you have questions regarding proper labeling of process gas lines in your lab area, contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz, at X8137 or the EHS Division contact, Alyssa Brand at [email protected] for assistance.