Nitric Acid Storage

March 2021

Hazardous chemicals must be properly segregated by hazard classification when handled and stored in order to prevent unwanted reactions. These reactions can result in the generation of toxic gases, fire, and even explosions. 

One particular chemical commonly used in lab areas that is found improperly stored is Nitric Acid. It is a strong oxidizing acid and can cause spontaneous fires when in contact with organic materials. It should be stored in its own separate containment tray inside a corrosives cabinet used for acids. In particular, NEVER store Nitric Acid with flammable solvents and combustibles such as Acetic Acid. 

For further information on chemical storage and compatibility charts, go to the LBNL Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan:

If you have any questions regarding chemical issues in your work area, please contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz at X8137.