Lap Top Ergonomics Safety

October 2018

Working directly on a laptop can pose safety risks since you may bend your neck unnaturally and have your hands and arms positioned awkwardly.   Working directly on the laptop has resulted in several injuries at Berkeley Lab.  Here is a link to some resources created by Berkeley Lab Ergo Team: Practical Tips and Solutions for Laptop Usersand Ergo Tips for Laptop Use

The following are recommended if you use a laptop computer for more than 2 hours each day: 

  • Work with your Ergo Advocate/Supervisor to obtain accessories and equipment such as a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse.
  • Submit a laptop ergo evaluation request at
  • Complete a formal telecommuting agreement if you work from home/travel more than 12 times per year.  You can submit a telecommuting request at: Telecommuting Resources

Please contact [email protected] for assistance if you are experiencing discomfort.If you have any questions regarding ergonomic issues in your work area, please contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz at X8137.