Keep Hallways Clear!

June 2017

Keep Hallways Clear for Emergencies!

The main hallways in each building are considered exit corridors. The fire code requires that these corridors remain free of obstructions that can hinder personnel from exiting the building during an emergency.

Periodically, the hallways can become cluttered with excess pallets, crates, boxes, and old equipment. We are not permitted to leave these items in the hallways! If you have items that you need disposed, stored off-site, or salvaged, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. If equipment is being delivered, make plans to uncrate and move into the lab area upon receipt. If the equipment will not be installed right away, make arrangements to have the item stored in another designated area and not in the hallway.
  2. If possible, immediately remove items such as boxes and pallets out to the trash/recycling bins behind the building. You can also directly ask for assistance from the building janitorial service for small items.
  3. For larger items and excess equipment, submit a Facilities Work Request by going to: Facilities Work Request. Select the “transportation move request” option and complete the form. Confirm that the items are non-hazardous. Items that are less than 250 pounds are picked-up for free. A confirmation email will be sent. Print the “Transportation Authorization Form” and attach to the items that need to be moved.
  4. If an item is contaminated with chemicals, please contact the ETA Safety Manager for assistance. Under no circumstances should any contaminated items be left unattended in the hallways.
  5. If the equipment has a DOE property number affixed, contact the ETA property asset representative at for information on how to remove the item from the property asset list.

If you have any questions about keeping the hallways clear, please contact the ETA Building Manager, Susan Synarski at X2534 or the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz at X8137.