Establishing a Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA)

February 2021

A Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) is an area in a laboratory, shop, or other facility designated for the accumulation of hazardous waste. It requires no formal authorization from Waste Management. Even a single small bottle of a hazardous waste requires establishing an SAA in your laboratory or work area. 

The following is a summary of how to establish a SAA:

  • The SAA must be located at or near the point of waste generation, and that it be under the control of the generator. The SAA must be at or near the site where the waste is generated so the SAA can be controlled by staff while they are working. 
  • The SAA must be clearly designated with the yellow SAA label shown below. The “Principal Investigator Name,” “Bldg./Room,” and “Extension” fields must be indicated. Place the SAA label on or just above the SAA tray. The yellow labels are available on the B62 and B70 label bulletin boards.
  • The SAA must have a secondary containment tray for liquid hazardous waste containers. 
  • All hazardous wastes in the SAA must have a completed red hazardous waste label affixed.
  • Ensure all containers used in the SAA are compatible with the wastes being accumulated. Use the red flam cans for collection of flammable wastes.
  • All hazardous wastes stored in the SAA must be segregated by hazard. Do not store incompatible wastes in the same containment tray.
  • The maximum accumulation time for hazardous wastes in the SAA in 6 months

For further information regarding waste generator requirements, go to:

If you have questions regarding storage or disposal of hazardous wastes in your lab area, contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz, at X8137.