Electrical Equipment Repair

June 2017

Electrical Equipment Repair Shop

Do you need electrical repairs on your cord & plug equipment? Perhaps you’re in the process of building your own instrumentation and not familiar with the LBNL Engineering Build Standards and would like to work under the direct field supervision of an Engineering Division Qualified Electrical Worker (QEW). They can help you ensure your equipment is built properly and will pass an AHJ Field Evaluation. QEW support is available in Building 58, along with electrical workbenches for you to work on your R&D electrical and electronics equipment. They can be reached at 486-5531. Rick Bloemhard can also be reached at 510-684-7019.

If you would like to request QEW assistance using an on-line form, go to the following website: http://electricalsafety.lbl.gov/request-help/.

A great deal of useful information on electrical safety and equipment requirements is also available on the LBNL Electrical Safety website: http://electricalsafety.lbl.gov

If you have any questions about electrical equipment repairs or inspection of equipment, please contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz at X8137.  If you are interested in becoming a Qualified Electrical Worker, contact the ETA Electrical Safety Officer (ESO), Ari Harding at X2566.