How Do I?

Immediately notify your supervisor. Call Health Services at X6266 to report all work-related injuries and illnesses. For emergency response to a serious or life threatening injury or illness, immediately call X7911 or 9-911. Health Services will initiate an Accident Investigation Report and notify the supervisor for follow-up and corrective action.

For non-life threatening emergencies such as small chemical spills, call X6999 for assistance. For life-threatening or serious emergencies such as a fire, immediately call X7911 or 9-911 for fire department response. Always notify your supervisor about the emergency.

You can request an ergonomic evaluation by going to the EHSS Division ergonomics website: Once your request has been submitted, a division ergonomics advocate will contact you and make an appointment for an evaluation. Always let your supervisor know if you are experiencing discomfort.

You can find information on ergonomics products and supplies by going to the EHS Division ergonomics supplies website: includes items such as chairs, sit-stand desks, footrests, computer keyboard trays, computer peripherals, etc. You can also contact your department Administrative Assistant for help in ordering needed ergonomic supplies. If you are not sure what specific products will meet your needs please contact your Ergo Advocate or make arrangements to visit the Ergo Display Room by calling x6848.

Log into the Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) system by going to: Select "Take JHA- Modify Existing JHA" in the left column. You will be able to create a draft to "opt out", modify your assigned work group, or annually renew your JHA. Your work lead will need to review and approve the draft and you will need to countersign for the changes to become final.

A supervisor or current work lead can change your JHA work lead by going to: Select "Retrieve JHA/Training Profiles- My Direct Reports" in the left column. Click on the "Change Work Lead" button for the particular employee to create a new draft JHA. Enter the new work lead name in the draft form and click the "update" button. Both the new work lead and employee must approve the draft for the change to become final.

You can access on-line training courses or register for a training class by going to the EHSS Division safety training website: Click on the “Training Courses” selection on the right side column to access available courses.

Your approved Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) and the work groups selected determine your training assignments. You can view the status of your training by accessing your JHA at: Select “Retrieve JHA/Training Profiles” in the left column.

You can submit an on-line Safety Concern to the EHS Division by going to the following link: You can also email your concerns to The EHS Division will notify you of the actions being taken to address your concern. Safety Concerns can also be submitted anonymously.

You should first ask your supervisor or work lead. You can also contact the ETA Safety Manager, Ron Scholtz at (510) 495-8137. The EHS Division Liaison for ETA is Larry McLouth at (510) 486-4286.