Field Work

Industrial Site

ETA personnel who perform hands-on research work at off-site or outdoor locations might encounter hazards that are different from a lab area. Some hazards might include working at heights, electrical hazards, and temperature extremes. Here are some of the field worker responsibilities:

  • Complete and follow the requirements listed in your Job Hazard Analysis (JHA).
  • Complete all assigned safety training.
  • Submit an "Field Work Hazard Assessment Form" for any new fieldwork projects.
  • Promptly report unsafe conditions to your work lead or supervisor.
  • Report all injuries immediately to your supervisor.
  • Conduct work in a manner that complies with LBNL environmental, safety and health procedures.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when required.
  • Off-site workers performing work at another national laboratory or institution will comply with the policies and procedures of that institution.