Ergonomic Chair

ETA personnel are encouraged to ensure that their work area is properly set-up. Any discomfort should be reported to your supervisor right away. An ergonomic evaluation can be requested by going to the LBNL Ergonomics Program website. ETA maintains its own ergonomics advocates that can assist you in identifying workstation adjustments and needed equipment.

ETA Ergonomic Advocates:

Name Division Phone
Ron Scholtz All (510) 495-8137
Judith Novak Area (510) 486-6142
Anita Estner Area (510) 486-4270
Melanie Sonsteng Cyclotron Road (510) 542-4184
 Marion Russell EAEI (510) 486-7206
Charlotte Standish ESDR (510) 486-4259
Sonja Thompson ESDR (510) 486-6845
Tracee Tillman ESDR (510) 486-4291