Building Emergency Team

ETA maintains Building Emergency Response Teams (BET) in Buildings 62, 70, and 90. The BET consists of LBNL employees who have volunteered to assist during emergencies such as building evacuations. They are training in first aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). BET members are identified by orange vests and hard hats.

BET Member List

The current list of ETA Building Emergency Team members is as follows:

Building 90
Susan Synarski
B90 BET Leader 90-3027D 3rd Floor
Kevin Hartnett 90-1005C BSO
Michelle Spilker 90-1028 BSO
John Cummins 90-1028 BSO
Gary Drew 90-1050E BSO
Christine Santiago 90-1110 1st Floor
Andrea Faizi 90-1136F 1st Floor
Janie Page 90-1141 1st Floor
Dev Millstein 90-2016A 2nd Floor
Sammi Leung 90-2114 2nd Floor
Morgan Faulkner 90-2148 2nd Floor
Laura Wong 90-3026 3rd Floor
Ron Scholtz 90-3027E 3rd Floor
Steve Greenberg 90-3124 3rd Floor
Terry Chan 90-4030 4th Floor
Shanna Wells 90-4042 4th Floor
Helico Blum 90-4129J 4th Floor
Loida Bartolome-Mingao 90P-126 90P
Building 70
Adam Weber
B70 BET Leader 70-112 1st Floor
Lady Bonifacio 70-0319A 70 Annex
Mike Tucker 70-127B 1st Floor
Gao Liu 70-128 1st Floor
Marion Russell 70-222 2nd Floor
Kenny Higa 70-263A 2nd Floor
Building 62
Gil Torres
B62 BET Leader 62-104A 1st Floor
James Wu 62-104B 1st Floor
Hugues Duncan 62-315 3rd Floor
Yuyi Li 62-325 3rd Floor